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How can a Hypnotist and Magician help your organisation and it's team achieve it's goals?

Did you know that a Magician for hire in Kent could do more than just entertain your event? If you are looking for a Corporate Entertainer then you may be able to make more out of the opportunity than you think.

Within your organisation you’ll be striving to get everyone on board with your goals and ethos, and a Magician or Hypnotist may just be the answer. No, I am not proposing that you allow me to hypnotise your colleagues in to doing as they are asked (although, for the right fee….. no, no, not ethical), but there is a lot to be learned from a performance within which a key message is delivered in an engaging way.

When I am out performing across our beautiful county of Kent and beyond, I am always amazed by how much I can engage the imagination of my audience, as a magician, and also my subjects, as a hypnotist. When I perform a magical routine the audience really experience it with me. When I give somebody a hallucination they really see it and live that moment. This is because we are all naturally good visualisers, and sometimes a magician or hypnotist is all that is needed to open up that wonderful powerful mind of ours.

When we truly focus our minds, anything becomes possible. Just imagine how much easier it would be to believe in the power of focus and visualisation when it comes to setting goals and achieving them after a demonstration of just how powerful this phenomenon is. A magician and hypnotist can do exactly that for your team, either on stage at a larger conference, or in front of your team in a training room or conference room. Demonstrating the power of good visualisation and focus, a hypnotist can help your team believe in your goals and better focus on achieving them.

As a magician, who has spent countless hours refining difficult skill sets in order to give somebody an experience of seamless magic, I can vouch for the importance of goal focussed behaviours and practice. When I applied this same ideology to a sales role, I was able to deliver a seamless experience to customers whilst achieving my own goals throughout the time I spent with them. Very quickly I became one of the best in the industry across all Key Performance Indicators. Just imagine what your team can achieve within your industry if they believed in goal setting, visualisation and the potential power of their own minds and imagination.

As a magician and hypnotist available for hire for corporate events, I would be thrilled to help you deliver a message to your organisation with a personalised performance. Get in touch via the website or social networking to discuss your personal goals for your business and your team, and find out how I can help you by speaking and performing at your next event anywhere within the UK.

Believe in Magic, and anything becomes possible.

James Tomlinson

Magician and Hypnotist, Kent




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